Hi!  My name is Hope Sury and I am a sophomore middle level math education major.  I chose to take this course because I needed it for core, but I also feel that it will help me to understand the students I will have in my classroom.  I took a psychology class in high school, and my roommate is a psychology major, so we have discussions from time to time about her field of study.  When I hear the word “psychology”, I think of people’s behaviors and why they make certain decisions.  I am interested in learning about attachment theory, coping with stress, and motivation.  I am interested in these topics because it will help me better understand myself and what I can do to improve my life.  I am less interested in the scientific method, how to improve memory, and how to choose a therapist.  I have some experience with these topics, so I am less interested in going over these topics.  The question I would like to have answered by the end of the class is how to accurately use psychology in my future classroom.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Welcome to the course Hope. Psychology courses are great resources for teachers. I’ve had a lot of teachers come through my classes and tell me they end up using a lot of psychology every day with their students. I hope you will find the course just as useful. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some new material to the topics you already have experience with too. I look forward to having you in class.


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